Finally! overnight in the snowhotel :)

This weekend Pärre and myself took a trip with the doggies.. As you can see there's not much snow left up here now... and it makes it kinda tricky to drive with a sled;) And also all the dogs LOVE that the ground is coming up from the snow.. theres SO much nice smells and bushes to pee on....... its very funny when u wanna go straight, and all your dogs are going different ways sniffing and peeing and pooing and just doing their own thing :) They are so silly, and maybe u feel like putting a bullet to their head sometimes, but actually all u REALLY wanna do is just kiss them all <3 Love them so..... <3<3 Even Irja in front here who looks like a pig.

Happy mushers:)
Only thing i'm a bit pissed off about is that Pärre was better than me driving a sled.... on his first time trying.......Hmpf..

In the evening we decided to sleep in the snowhotel!! Pärre, being a snowhotel builder and all have of course tried it before... for me it was about time i did too. I was quite nervous!! And asking all the time if i should wear this or that or what the hell! Pärre was just shaking his head, smiling and telling me I'll be fine.. He just had to find the right sleepingbag.... A HUGE ONE! :D

The only room that was free was the newlywed room.... No further comment!! :)

And for the record: We both slept the whole night through, not freezing once! Thanks to the fatmans sleeping bag that can fit two in one ;)

The next day the hotel closed for sleepovers, cause now its really melting. Theres already lots of rooms filled with water, impossible to use. And the rest is looking kinda ugly.. wet and dripping and dirty. Will be fun to see what it will look like next year :) Maybe Pärre and I will be here to help build it... or maybe we're somewhere else on the other side of the planet;)

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