Welcome to Ylläsjärvi, Suomi!

I guess it's about time I share some of this beautiful country that I have emigrated to. It's a bit more than two months since i took the step into 'grown-up' world and became a 'samboer'... Which maybe came as a shock to everyone including myself! Well, it was suprisingly easy to take that step, thanks to a wonderful finnish snowbuilder that sneaked up on me behind a pile of snow in Kirkenes. Thank you, rakas!!:)

I have to say even though I like traveling, Finland never really crossed my mind as a travel destination, let alone somewhere I would move and live. But once Pärre uttered some finnish words and invited me to come visit, my curiosity was awakened!

Here you can see Ylläsjärvi (järvi=lake) from the top of Yllästunturi (tunturi=mountain). Pärre and myself live between the lake and the mountain. Pärre's family lives on the far side of the lake. As you can see, "Finnskogarna" exist :)

When you move to finnskogarna, you have to take the consequenses.. and I love the consequenses! Of course I am talking about the wilderness... All the animals that suddenly pop up everywhere! Not a day goes by without seeing reindeers and rabbits.. I've also bumped into elk, fox, owl, rype, tiur and stork! And even though i haven't had the "pleasure" of meeting him yet, there's been a bear wandering around here also.

This little "pupu" was living under our doorsteps.. But he left after we had our house warming party :/

Kodak moment? Sometimes those moments go too fast:) This is a white reindeer.. Trust me!
Elk with issues. He was standing by the roadside thinking about something. We stopped the car right next to him and wheeled down the window, without him taking much notice.

There's also lots of jakthytter in the area, places to sleep when you're either hunting or hiking..

The reason for all this madness:)
Roope, Karelsk Bjørnehund. Lena, Pärre's little sister in the background.
Jesse and Nero

Pärre's parents