OKEI! Insprirert av shrigley, samuelsen, andersson og leiros. Mine tegninger. De handler om livet og døden. POETRI. Vakkert? Beautiful. Kjærleik er som eit rumpetroll! - en stor klump med hale. Please don't be mad at me, when you don't get what you ask for. Akk!


Sunny Bristol <3

Oh how I love the Bristolian climate!! Today was such a nice sunny day so I just had to go sit in the park.. It was even t-shirt weather! That's crazy, this time of year.. But still there's a fresh autumn breeze coming in making the colourful leaves fall to the ground and make it look so pretty.. Love love love :)

Coffee break!

Okay, that could be an expensive lunch for the pigeons and gulls!

Pretty park, Queen's Square.
I actually didn't notice that norwegian flag until I saw the picture on my computer..haha

I just had to take a picture of this girl, she was so pretty with her clothes and long hair. Later she came over to talk to me. Her name was Hazel and she and her boyfriend lives in a sailboat on the river. Their dog's name's is Desibel and she was cuddling on my lap! Sooooooo cute.. pomeranian I think it was.

That's her boyfriend.. hehe

I found some art in the river.

And here's some strangers on the street!

And as Lena told me the other day:

Det stemmer faktisk!


Hassle of the Language

So, when you're in the UK, and someone says "Thanks!", how should you respond? Should you do the classic "You're welcome!" or should you go a bit wild and crazy and say "No problem!"?

Well, why don't you try the Runa way, and say "Your problem!"


Fresher's Ball!

Sjokoladefontene, anyone?