London calling, 2nd time around!

So, off to London again! This time with some friends from uni: Teresa and Vera (and Sven, though we only saw him on the bus and in the bed!). The weekend consisted of Saatchi Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery (Sophie Calle, loved it!), Tate Modern, British Museum, Trafalgar Square exhibition, Camden and a few pubs:) In the end our feet were so painfully tired that we could barely move.. A great weekend though!! Actually starting to feel like I'm getting the hang of London now, it's not as overwhelmning as in the first.. however many times I've been there. Looking forward to going back!;)

Hmm... Tough choice. Where to go??

Chicas locos en la middle of la London;)
Guys making art on a temporary beach longside the Thames!

Tower Bridge at night! As you can see the weather was shitty! But we loved it

Teresa from Germany with a dysfunctional umbrella and Vera from Holland with a semi-functional umbrella

Our beautiful hostel beds!! Or socalled "suitcase with curtains"

Camden Market.
A bunch of wellies and three dresses I didn't buy.

Dudes with aprons.

Saatchi Gallery. Pretty nice!

Trafalgar Square with an exhibition called "Ghost Forest"


On the escalator to the underground for the millionth time.....
Sven, Vera and some lady

A dude that fell on the escalator..

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